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Please i want to know where we have to install agent on test database server or where exactly?


The BMF Agent usually is installed on another workstation/machine, but not the database server itself since having it on the same machine as the system under test, SUT, would interfere with the test itself.

The concept of running one or more Agents is so that you can spread the load across multiple machines so that the testbed itself doesn’t become a bottleneck before that of the SUT. The number of Agents required is dependent on how fast the SUT can respond to the SQL sent by the Agent to execute and any latencies/delays that the actual workload has. For example the TPC-C has very large latencies associated with it, close to 30 seconds per transaction, so you can run a large number of virtual users on a single machine. The faster the response time the more machines you will need to run Agents and the total CPU power of all the Agent machines approaches that of the SUT.

Thanks for your reply

please what do you mean with SUT?

and I still confused about agents “I installed the agent on benchmark machine only, if this wrong or i have to install another agent on another machine”


SUT is short for System Under Test.

You can use the Agent on the same machine as the Console, but this is not a best practice since, in most cases, the local machine does not have the power to push the SUT to it’s maximum threshold. That is why Benchmark Factory allows users to install Agents on other machines so that they can get enough resources to push a database server to it’s breaking point and beyond.