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Alarm Configuration - Days Since Last Full Backup

I figured I’d post this question here before I contacted support. I’m the guy responsible for managing, configuring, and updating everything Spotlight in my environment. The version I’m using is 10.0.

I had a request come in from another DBA wondering if it was possible to set alerts for different times when a database hasn’t been backed up. For instance (all databases listed are on the same server/instance):

  • If database is HelpDesk and hasn’t been backed up in 3 days, send an alert.
  • If database is Spotlight and hasn’t been backed up in 7 days, send and alert
  • If database is SolarWinds and hasn’t been backed up in 30 days, send an alert
    I see that you can change the range, but I’m not sure how to set exceptions in the description text box.

Hi Sean,

If there are only a few specific databases that have different time periods it should be fairly easy. If however there are a number of databases in “groups” that have different time periods, then it can still be done, but it will involve a bit more work on your part.

You should be able to do this as follows:

In the Alarm dialog, select the Override checkbox.

Immediatley below this is a small panel named Severities.

On the right of the panel is a an Add button.

Select the Add button.

A small dialog named Add Key pops up.

The dropdown list will contain a list of all the databases.

Select one of the specific databases you want.

A new entry, already highlighted, will appear in the Severities panel.

You can then change the range and description below for this database.

Repeat this process for the others, one at a time.

Once done you can select each database and you will see the different range and description for each database.

Click on Ok to save the changes.

Many (but not all) of the alarms can be configured this way.

Unfortunately there is no way currently to “tag” a group of databases. We do allow “tagging” for groups of servers.

This may be worth a possible enhancement. I will log it for future investigation and consideration.

I hope this is what you want, and that it works for you.


Chris Pryde

SoSSE Software Tester

Hi Sean,

I forgot to mention that this is at the Default Level accross all the servers you are monitoring. So if there are a number of databases with the same name on different servers, it will affect all of them.

If you want to restrict this to a database on a specific server, then you will need to first of all select the specific sql server connection before you make these changes.

To do this, in the Alarm dialog, change the “Select connection to configure” field at the top of the dialog, to the specific sql server connection you want.

Then follow the steps.

This will restrict it to a specific database on a specific server.


Chris Pryde

SoSSE Software Tester

I appreciate your time Chris, I’ll give this a shot and post any follow up questions I might have.

Just wanted to mark this thread as ANSWERED in case someone else ever had this question.