Alert Log Viewer wildcard filespec support

I'm a huge fan of the Alert Log Viewer and the time savings it provides. My kicker is my operations staff has a decades old log roller process in place that offloads the alert_sid.log nightly to an alert_sid_YYYYMMDD.bak named file and keeps a nice and tight less than 24 hour old alert_sid.log. 30 days of alert%.bak files are kept in the trace file directory. Needless to say this makes 10PM alert log reviews for Toad impossible the next day. I am preparing for firm resistance from the Guardians of the Sacred UNIX Scrolls and really don't expect them to alter their process along with their embedded reporting for my GUI conveniences, especially since log rolling is a common practice. Is their any way to add support for multiple files with a filespec to feed the Alert Log Viewer instead of the singular alert_sid.log file?

Hey Chuck.

That makes sense. It's too late for 15.1 (due out later this month), but I can add an ER for the version after that to allow you to manually choose the Alert log file(s) to open.

Good luck with the resistance. :fist:t3:


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The separate windows like TFB would probably be fine and I assume less work to order. I can see cases where having them side by side would help over a huge scrolling page.

Today's beta has this pulling all into same window.

If you want the option of splitting it out, let me know.

Merged will be fine. 99% of the time I want the prior day and current.

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