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All changes locked in Editor for some previously-saved SQL files


In (and 12.7 GA also), I’m trying to edit a large SQL file (17K lines, 1.6MB). However, I’m unable to type anything, and menu items like “Edit->Replace” are greyed out. I can “Save As…” the file with a new name into the same directory and open that one to edit it in a new Editor tab, however.

The only differences I can find between the old file and the new copy are that the old one has NTFS file attributes of “APL”, whereas the new one is only “A”. Could it be that Toad cannot operate on “Sparse Files” or ones with “Reparse Points” (attributes “P” and “L”, respectively)?

I’m not sure of the timing, but I believe since the original file was created, that it’s directory (under “My Documents”) was moved to a new server. Don’t know if that’s important or not.


I just found the “fsutil” utility and have not been able to change how the Editor behaves, whether the file is marked as sparse or not…


OK, so I got rid of the “Reparse point” attribute without affecting most of the rest of the file header (as non-backup programs see them at least!) by compressing then decompressing the folder where the files are. And now the Editor is able to edit and replace.

I have to say this is a first for me. I’m glad I could use this as a blog post. [Y]