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All new entities are automatically added to Work Space "All Items"


It may be by design, but I think it should be a configurable option at least. After all you can remove a graphical symbol of an entity from “All Items” work space, so why then mandatory add all new entities created in other work spaces to “All Items”?


Hello Sergei,

there is actually a configurable option. Select the All Items workspace, right-click anywhere in the workspace and select Workspace Format. In General tab uncheck the Auto Complete button and you’re done. When creating new objects, they will no longer be automatically added to the All Items.

The Auto Complete behavior can also be set in Options | Physical Model (or Logical). Checking the option here means it will be also checked in all newly created workspaces. The same goes for unchecking the option.




Thank you Lukas,

I didn’t know it. It seems to be a documentation issue to me. F1 key doesn’t do anything in Workspace Format window, and not ‘Auto Complete’ nor ‘Workspace Format’ can be found in the Help Topics of Help tab.

I was sure that ‘Auto Complete’ just automatically adds relationships when a new entity added to a WorkSpace.


You’re right, it’s not searchable and even if you found it, you might not know what exactly that function does. Thank you for pointing it out, I’ll take a look and see what I can do.