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all rows to be read

When I’ve requested to read all rows, dialog [see attached] has been shown.
When I’ve pressed [Cancel], dialog has been hidden, but process of fetching data still has undergone.



I think your platform is Oracle. How many rows is in that result set and what version of oracle do you have? Canceling on Oracle should be very prompt.

I have actually never seen this window on read all rows. Are you requesting this menu action from the Data Tab of Object Viewer or in an editor on a SQL result set?

I tried to get that message box but have not been able to.


Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production.
There was about ~600 rows when I tried to cancel query by this dialog.

To get such message box I’ve run query where col like ‘%sth%’ against very big table storing logs.
after initial fetch I’ve pressed ‘last record’ button.


I can reproduce what you are seeing. It appears to only occur for Oracle. I entered CR108649 for this.