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Alter Script for Oracle creating temp tables


Hi TDM Team

I don’t know if I’m maybe not using best practice for generating alter scripts, but I’m currently reverse engineering the current database and then creating an alter script for the differences between my enhanced model and the current database using the Sync & Convert wizard.

It works, but it attempts to save data by creating temp tables from the original tables before implementing the alter on the table. The temp tables are created with the same constraint names (eg. Not Null Constraints), thus giving errors on the duplicate constraint names.

I’ve searched, but cannot find a setting to tell TDM not to create those tables, can anyone help me with this please.

Thanks in advanced.


Hello Rudi,

Yes, temp tables are and will always be created during alter script generation and it is not possible to turn it off, sorry.

Regarding the problem with NotNull Constraint, I’m happy to let you know that it was already fixed for the upcoming full version 3.4.14.



Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for version 3.4.14.