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Alter script from directly rev-eng DB shows other statements than sep reven



may be I’m wrong, but it seems, that sync & convert creates slightly different
alter scripts, if I generate them from same model 8.0.txp and separatedly reverse engeneered DB model than internally reverse engeneered model from the same, inbetween not changed, Database.

I took both generated Scripts and loaded them into SQL Navigator to see the differences.

There are some. You can see the differences just as the first Line starting line 1619.
The statements 1754 and 1748 of the “…intern_generated…” another table.
STAEDTE and STADTTEILe should only exist in Schema HM after the script.

Also 1649 in “…intern_generated…” and 1745 in “…intern_generated…” differ.
WAEHRUNGEN should only exist in Schema HM after the script.

Please take a look. May be there is an error in SQL Navigator or in data modeler or I have getting nuts inbetween of all the errors I reported …

See attached files.

Best regards


AlterScript_PCA_aus_generiertem_HAMAA_extra_Reengeneered.sql (622 KB)

AlterScript_PCA_aus_generiertem_HAMAA_intern_Reengeneered_alle selektiert.sql (622 KB)

HalloMarie8.0.txp (2.46 MB)

HalloMarieRE_HAMAA.txp (5.45 MB)


Hi Linus,

Just a quick update - we are checking the problem.
Please expect an email from me. Thanks for your patience.




Hello Linus,

There shouldn’t be any differences generated.
To be sure - you are comparing two alter scripts:

  1. script created comparing model HalloMarie80 with the database (possible direct connection in current Beta) and 2. script created comparing model HalloMarie80 with previously reversed model HalloMarieRE_HAMAA.
    Is that right?
    If you did no change in reversed model HalloMarieRE_HAMAA and your database, the alter script should be the same.

Did you have the same settings for RE and comparison? Did you leave default settings?

Our testers will verify the problem. As soon as we know more, we will write you immediately (first week in January).

Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards,

Vladka + TDM Team

Linus replied:

Hello Vladka,

yes, I’m comparing two alter scripts.
Yes, I had the same settings for both, but not the default. I’ll make you some screenshots …

By the way : is there a possibility to put this settings on a file to transfer to an other computer ( on travelling I’m using my laptop ).

Best regards


See the attachment.

Hello Linus,


To the attached document - Select Object Types page in the wizard. Please take notice of the Auto Check button next to the other buttons (Select All etc.). The selection of the main item and its subitems depens on whether the Auto Check button is enabled or disabled.

By the way : is there a possibility to put this settings on a file to
transfer to another computer ( on travelling I’m using my laptop ).

Unfortunately, it is not possible now. Anyway, it would be a nice feature.
I’ve created a new CR. We will work on this. Thanks. CR # 69 986.

We’ll wait for your screenshots. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Vladka + TDM Team

Now we will keep the discussion in this thread only. Thanks.

Alle checked boxes lead to check sub.doc (142 KB)


Hello Linus,

We checked out screenshots you sent us on 5 January - selection of OTPs in the Sync & Convert Wizard | Select Object Types page. The settings are the same. Thanks.

Now we have the following question (I will try to explain the issue in detail):
When you connect to the database directly via the Sync & Convert Wizard | Select Right Side page | Reverse Engineering Alias (BETA v.), you use the pre-defined alias. In this alias, all settings, including the selection you made in the Reverse Engineering Wizard on page Options are saved. The Options are not visible when you use the alias from the Sync & Convert Wizard, you cannot change them either here. However, if you reverse the database in a standard way - via the RE Wizard, you load the alias and can change the settings on the Options page.
Our question is if the settings on the Options page were identical - when you did standard RE of the db and when you loaded the db via the Sync & Convert Wizard.
Please make a screenshot of the Options page and send it to us.

Thanks a lot.




Hello Vladka,

here the screenshots.

Which “autocheck” do you mean ?

Best regards


That’s the reply on the Mail, that means your post before the last post. I have to answer the last post.
Not sure, if I can do it today. But will do. Sorry.
rev eng script other than directly rev eng screen shots.doc (127 KB)