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amed SQL-windows, save button, question:shell overwrite?


Build 2032:

When a named SQL-windows is open and you are working in it:
Still the problem that Navi (when pressing the save button)
complains again an again that there were a file with the same name and whether or not it shell overwrite this file - thereby the only action that has to be done is to safe the SQL-windows-file.
Very anoying.



I don’t get it : if you press the save button that is the expected behaviour…


Hi Filipe,

Maybe my description is a bit missleading?

…is the expected behaviour…<
… well but only if you have NOTalready saved this file before and are now simply working on it and want to save this (the same current already open and already saved file) again.
I such a case the editor simple has to save this known (currently open) file and not to ask again for a(nother) file name.
It seems that Navi loses the file handle somehow and don’t no longer know that the current open file is the same he already saved to disc before but assumes the editor points to an unknown anonymous file.
By the way - this is not an brand new issue. It already occurred (and has been reported) in eralear version too.
However it does not happen all the time when working with saved SQL-editor files.
So far I could not find a pattern to exacly determine under which exact circumstances this issue comes up.

(My machine is Win7 64 bit, may be it matters somehow)

If I find something new I will let you know.

Best Regards