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Announcing a new Toad Freeware release


Toad Freeware has been brought completely up to date with the 10.5 commercial
release. It is now the same code base as 10.5 commercial and will be released
along with each new commercial Toad release.

We’re excited about that.

Toad wore a robe before and now wears a bikini. We’re really excited about that!

The “commercial only” features used to be completely hidden. Now they are
visible, but tantalizingly out of reach, as they are each very limited in
creative ways. These restriction sets were individually crafted by each
developer for the specific features in their area of the product.

If you’re printing a report it may have a watermark. If you are setting debugger
breakpoints, you may find you can set only two:

Past freeware users couldn’t miss what they didn’t know about. Now there are
teasers everywhere.

The 60 day expiration period has been increased to 90 days. Yes, we talked
awhile back about expiration going away, but in reality, it’s better this way
because it will ensure that people are always running the latest product, with
all the bug fixes the commercial release enjoys.

All the details, and product, can be found here: