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Annoying tips


The pl/sql editor is forever popping up tips. Boy is it annoying.

Is there a preference setting for this? It comes up too fast and stays up forever (I think)

I appreciate the attempt to be useful, and sometimes it is, but it’s waaaaaaaay too much as it sits right now.




Hi Jet,

There are preferences which you can use to control it according your need as attached under View->Preferences.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Jet,
I’m not sure if you’re talking about tooltip or the auto completion/dot lool-up feature. Tooltip appears when you hover the mouse over something (buttons, object names, etc.). It will disappear when you move the mouse away or start typing.

Code completion/dot look-up gives you hints for keywords, object names, etc… You can turn off this feature completely or press ESC to close the list.



Hi Gwen,

You are correct, I’m not talking about the code completion, I’m talking about the “hovering”. It is truly annoying after you’ve been in the editor for awhile.

Can’t it be changed so that it goes away after some time period? Really it needs to be in preferences IMHO.




Hi Jet,

As you might have known, we are reaching the end of the cycle for 6.0. Changes to tooltips that may related to the parser are too risky to make. So we decided that we will address this issue in 6.1.