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Another access violation.


Greetings guys,

I’m not sure if this will relate to other items I have posted. But I just fired up TDM and it opened my CRuMBS model by default. Down in the messages screen I noticed the following in red:

Access violation at address 0056E31D in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 000002F0

I hadn’t even touched any of the items yet, so I don’t know if this relates or not. I just wanted to pass it along.


Hi Sean,

could you try this?

Open command line,go to Toad Data Modeler\Bin\ folder in Program Files and run TDM :

tdm.exe -Start-Log

You can find log in Bin folder.Please send it to us as you were send your model.

Thanks a lot



Just ran things up. I got the error:

10:40:24 AM Error when loading input parameters.

But it still created an XML file, which is attached here. I hope this helps!
Support.xml (27 KB)



sorry for my mistake :wink: Right definition for log is :

TDM.exe Start-Log (without - before Start)

Old definiton lead to your bug Error when loading input parameters.

Try it again and send us “Start TDM3 Log.txt” file from Bin folder.Here we have clean log without errors and model is running fine too.Looks like something special in your configuration,because Test Model and Start-Log are OK.Have you Acces violation due all starts of TDM or was that one-time event?

Thanks a lot



Alrighty, I reran, and didn’t get any errors. here is the log file.

In regards to your second question, this has been a one time instance for me, so far I haven’t been able to reproduce it.
Support.xml (27 KB)


It’s normal situation.We have sometimes error,which we can’t reproduce again.Your model and procedures looks OK in tests.

Maybe bug(if it’s bug) is still here,but depend on specific step-by-step scenario which isn’t known for us.

If something change,please write to us again.


PS: Support.xml is not a log file.This file is information for TDM3 about supported databases.Log file is “Start TDM3Log.txt”.But don’t worry about it.Same thing happen to me with TDM3 when I was using it for the first time :wink:


Just a quick note : CR # 43 419 - status Cannot Reproduce.

We’re sorry.



No worries guys, I have a side project that some folks in the general public use and from time to time I run into these issues as well. It’s understandable. I’ll let you know if things creep up again.

Keep up the great work!