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Any word on Postgres support


I notice you now have support for SQL Server. I also notice that there were 113 hits on my first post asking about when support would be for Postgres and 142 hits on availability to test this with MySQL. There were no posts that I saw looking for SQL Server support. :slight_smile:

Your product isn’t free, so even those using open source databases need to pay for it. So why not support people who show active interest in testing this release with their database systems instead of supporting a database system that no-one has shown an interest in? After all, those showing interest are more likely to buy your product than non-existent people. Is Oracle squeezing you not to support the open source databases? Not being nasty, just curious given the apparent interest in open source dbms systems versus you next choice in feature support.

BTW, this is my first visit in about 1.5 months as you mentioned you needed time to work on the Postgres scripts. So I no I at least have not artificially pumped up the number of hits on my post. :wink:

Glad to see your testing is going well. You do seem to have a good product. Don’t forget about those of us who show interest in it and a willingness to buy it if it supported our systems. And if it works well with our systems. Something that won’t happen if it isn’t tested.

I’ll check back in another month and a half.


Bill Rosmus


Hello Bill,

Thank you very much for your feedback! I’d like to ensure you that we will not forget about PostgreSQL and other open source database users!!! What we need is time and what I’d like to ask you for is patience. We definitely plan to support people who have shown active interest and I think this is exactly what we are doing… We have been carrying out a survey here in our community where we ask people to let us know what database system they use. The MS SQL Server is the second most required database system. That’s also why you can find support for MS SQL Servers in TDM3 now :slight_smile: But the survey is not the only source of information for us, we also take into consideration our current TDM2 customer base and other factors. In any case, also in the survey open source database systems, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird reached Top Ten.

And the reason why we have received no additional feedback from MS SQL Server users might be caused by the fact that we published the information that MS SQL Server will be supported as the second database at the beginning. I believe you know how it goes… if everything is OK, then there is no reason to send a message. But I am sure many of TDM users will be happy seeing the support of MS SQL Server in the first official release of TDM3.
And Oracle is not sqeezing us… :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you for your feedback, Bill. We really appreciate it. Even one such message in a 1.5 months is perfect!





See the updated information on PostgreSQL support at: