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append, replace, cancel


I’ve been bit by this twice and really must ask for a fix. A new developer excited about adding his first unit test to code tester, logs in and picks the package from the list. But, the test package isn’t there. Due to over exuberant clicking or hitting tab + enter or something, the test package with all tests are gone. The new developer insists that he didn’t hit replace but there is no other reasonable explanation.

Could you please make it more difficult to replace a test package? It is too easy for an unsuspecting person to wipeout your work. I know, backup early and often but in this case it was already too late. The only hope was to revert to a week old backup copy with far fewer test cases.


Hmmm. I am very sorry to hear about this.

Unfortunately, we just froze 1.8 so we cannot make this change for a while.

How does this sound:

If the user chooses Replace, we prompt them to confirm that they will be deleting an existing test definition.



That’s a good solution for now. Thanks.