Application crash when using automation - Darkroom Skin


Anyone experienced issues with automation when using the 'Darkroom' interface skin?

If I choose 'Darkroom' as the skin in TDA 2.7, when I run (or rather the computer runs) my automated scripts, they fail, and the application crashes (see image). It doesn't seem to load TDA in the background to execute scripts (no icon in the bottom right).

I've tried changing to a couple other skins and the automation runs fine.



I have not seen this. I entered CR82750 to look into this. It maybe a combination of other layout settings and the automation script. Can you generate a supportbundle (see help menu) and send that and your automation script to my email address?

Hi Debbie,

I’ve emailed you the info.



Thanks for the files. That is the strangest thing. When using DarkRoom skin it abbends for me too when scheduling.

In TDA 3.0 we have updated the components that provide the skins. In that version this issue does not occur. If you would like to download our Beta and confirm that would be great.