Applying a filter via DB Navigator

Within SQL Navigator and specifically DB navigator…when I double-click on a table and it opens up the Table Dialog with the tabs Columns, Additional Properties, Comments, Data, etc. is there a way that I can apply a filer to the Data to get a specific row rather than the all encompassing table.

Novice to SQL Navigator. So i appreciate your patience and Thanks for reviewing and Thanks in advance for replying.


Not quite what you are asking, but instead of double clicking you can press [F3] and this will generate the select statment used and you can add a where to that…

Unfortunately, there’s no filter for the Data tab in the Table Editor. The only way to achieve this result is running a query with condition like Dale stated. The data will be displayed in a data grid which have the same layout as the one in the table editor.


To simplify building the where clause, Code Editor has the SQL Conditions submenu in the right-click menu. You can add simple conditions, such as comparing the field value to a constant, before executing a query.

Another option is to use the Grouping feature in the data grid. Right-click the column you are looking at and select Group by this Column. It will automatically find all the different values in this column and group together the records with equal values in it. This works well if you have not too many different values in the column. I also recommend that you fetch all records before using the grouping feature.

Hope this helps,