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Applying Template in Code Editor, the cursor doesn't follow the "string"



I found that the cursor doesn’ t place at the end of “string” when I pressed Ctrl+Shift+[letter] to apply the Template. It even make a line break when the cursor not in the start of line. It also can’t replace the highlight string that I want to delete. These cause very inconvenience.



Hi Kent,

You’ve raised a valid point. There are some subtle differences between 5.5 and 6.0 that need to be removed. I’m looking at this right now.



Dear Sir,

In beta 953, when I apply the Template, the cursor can place at the end of “string” but it still follows a line break. Can the line break be cancelled?



Due to time constraint, we won’t be able to implement this enhancement request in 6.0. We will target it for 6.1. Thanks for your feedbacks.