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Archors too small selecting an entity


“Entity shortcuts” list is really very confortable and I’m using it everyday, especially on big schemas.

One of the few problems is using it when the schema is zoomed-out.

In the attached image, for example, I just double-clicked on “gruppi” entity and consequently the “gruppi” entity has been selected.

Are you able to see where the “gruppi” entity is? It’s in the middle bottom. You may agree with me that TDM could have a better way to highlight the selected item.

Here are 3 proposals:

  1. Don’t resize the archors around the entity and let them be independant to the zoom.
  2. Highlight selected items changing their background color (yellow would be great)
  3. Draw a yellow border together with the anchors.




Hello Arialdo,

Yes, we understand. We will see what we can do about it. CR # 67 577.

Thanks a lot!


Vladka + TDM Team