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Are there configuration files for controlling db access?


We are testing Data Point in order to access SQL/MX on HP Nonstop. Connection is via ODBC.

The tool works well enough in terms of displaying data, but updates through the grid are failing because of malformed SQL. Data Point cannot recognize the primary key of the table. This appears to be an error in accessing system tables.

Has anyone used SQL/MX (or MP) or successfully modified the configuration of Data Point to tell it how to access system tables?



Could you please provide a little bit more information?
What errors do you have during editing data?
Do you have auto generated Primary key?
Have you tried to exclude auto generated columns from update/insert statements?
You can do it by using Define Custom Statements to Edit dialog. You can invoke the dialog from Red button on the left bottom corner of a query’s result.


When clicking on the table name in the tree view of the schema, a series of tabs appears - one of which is data. When trying to edit a value in the data grid, a message appears that a unique index must be defined in order to perform edits. The statement editor appears to list every column in the table as a key field.

There is a primary key defined on this table. It is a single-field key and is not auto-generated. For whatever reason, Data Point is not recognizing this key. It may not be reading the system tables correctly. This is why we’re looking to see whether we can determine where Data Point is looking.


The way to handle this is to create a custom index. (Meaning designate what colunmn(s) to use for Toad to do the update. ) To do this choose the Define Custom Eidting at the lower left. then select the key columns. see screenshsot.



Hi Debbie,

Thanks for answering! Our question is this - we were able to test this method as an option but setting that key in this manner is just session-based, isn’t it?

We’ll have a team of 20-some developers operating against a database with perhaps 100 tables and need to have the tool determine the primary keys correctly. Is there some mechanism for checking just where Data Point is looking so we can figure out why it can’t find the keys?



You are correct that this mapping is not in the database. But once you set the mapping persists between use of TDP. When you choose the drop down to setup custom editing we should already fill in the columns that are indexed. So I don’t think this is a matter of not finding the index but more of a matter that our default is to set this up. Can you confirm this? Once set it will retain this.



Hi Debbie,

Is that persisted on the user desktop or the db instance that Data Point uses? The question really is that once this key is set, is it available to all developers or does it need to be set user by user?



I have not been able to find where we keep this info. I am pretty sure it is in the settings files we have (which there are many). If this is the case it is conceivable that you could copy these files to others.

The person that can easily answer my question is on vacation this week. Let me get back with you on this.



Thanks Debbie,

Please let us know.