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Asking to save when closing sql session


Don’t know if this was intentional or not, but in 5.x if you browsed, found a table and pressed [F3] it would create the sqlplus for you, it does in 6 as well, however this sqlplus session in 5.x was not asked to save when closed unless changes were made after the initial query (an order by added or a where added). In 6 it asks to save regardless.


I see your point,

But, it could be argued that this functionality is correct and the 5X was not.

Technically it is a new SQL that needs to be saved, even if you have changed nothing in it.

We’ll discuss it internally, and perhaps if we could get other SQL Nav users feedback on this too.

  • Jaime -


I agree with Lozier, it’s soooo common to query a table this way that’s VERY annoying to be asked for this type of query. It’s also soooooo easy to recreate that there is no need to save it.



After much thought and consideration…
We will revert to the 5.5 functionality and only prompt for ‘Save’ if the SQL is changed.

The change will be in the next beta build.

  • Jaime -