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Assign Intelligence Central User Name Value to a Variable

Hi All.
For logging purposes I want to assign the Intelligence Central User Name who logins in the TIC web console and runs the automation script. Then bind the variable in an insert command in execute script task just to build and execution log and keep track of the user who runs the script.
But I cannot find the way to get the Intelligence Central User Name , is that posible ?.


It's not supported currently. That need some enhancement both in Toad Intelligence Central and Toad Data Point. I will let the PM know your requirement.

Hi Gavin,
Thanks for the quick reply. Hope this may be included in new versions. As a workarround waiting for that variable , is there any query in TDP or TIC internal tables where I can find this user name ??

I am sorry to say there is no workaround now as we do NOT store that information.