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Attach Database Dialog does not allow user to correct filename of .ldf file


Scenario: You copy a .mdf / .ldf file to local computer and rename both files in prep to use for a different customer. (For example: Rename: BL_DevelopmentData.mdf / .ldf to BL_CustomerName.mdf / .ldf)

Open Toad Attach Database dialog, browse to the .mdf file selected it.

Result: File Path is correct for .mdf file selected, but .ldf file still has old/incorrect name - which is to be expected since that data is pulled form the .mdf file contents.

Expected: that I should be able to edit the File Path of the .ldf file.

Actual: .ldf file path is read-only - cannot edit.

Result: Cannot attach the database using Toad.

Work around: Click to the SQL Script, copy it to the clipboard, open editor, paste, edit the file paths to correct paths/filenames, run script.


Hi Darren,

I can edit the .ldf file Path. Please kindly check if below is the place you mentioned.

Best Regards,



OK, I hadn’t noticed the file browser, I was expecting to be able to edit the file path in the textbox.