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Auto-Alias feature discussion

Build introduces a new auto-alias feature. First of all – LOVE THIS IDEA – thank you.

Typing a statement like:

SELECT Inventory

automatically changes to


Typing a statement like

SELECT [InvoiceHeader]

automatically changes to:

SELECT FROM [InvoiceHeader] IH

It seems to use either the first two characters in the case of a single table name or the first character of each word or each “CapitalizedWord”. Great idea.

The only problem with this approach however is when the suggested alias ends up being a reserved keyword. For example, in that Inventory table example above, the Alias “IN” is not something I can actually use because it’s a reserved keyword. So I have to go edit it anyway, making the feature a bit less useful.

In such examples it would actually be better to only use 1 character, or to add an extra character instead.

For “Inventory” either I or INV would be better than IN.

But thanks for adding this.

Just a thought. When you auto-create the alias, what if you made it as if it were generated by a code template? The equivalent of:

SELECT CursorPositionAfterAutoCreate FROM TableName AS FirstTableAlias OptionalSpecifyNextTable

You would still auto-assign the alias, but if a user wanted to change it, they could just hit tab, which would but their cursor in that first table alias field, then edit it, then press SHIFT+Tab and end up back in the position right after the select.

Or if they just want to keep building the From Clause, hit tab twice and end up in the "OptionalSpecifyNextTable" spot.

Just a thought...

Hi Darren,

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I create TSS-927 for these problem. I will keep you update for this task.

Best Regards,


Hi Darren,

For the keywords issue, TSS-927 has been fixed. For now,when the table name first two characters or each “CapitalizedWord” happened to being a keywords, we use number instead of second character.


SELECT Inventory

automatically changes to

SELECT FROM Inventory I1

Please try in next beta.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,