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Auto Complete issue

So, if you type the following, autocomplete won’t give you the columns to pick from:

select c.conf_id, sum(c. from conferences c

but if you do this:

select c.conf_id, sum(c.) from conferences c

it will. Seems if the function doesn’t have both parens, it doesn’t know how to look up columns.

Hi Joe,

You are absolutely right. Our parsing algorithm assumes that anything inside parens is part of the expression, including any keywords (like FROM) and therefore can’t locate the FROM clause. We have done some work on the parser lately, but this issue remains. If it’s important for you, we may consider doing more work in this area.


Well, now that I know what it’s doing it’s not so bad for me. It will, however, be confusing and frustrating for anyone that doesn’t realize why it’s doing what it’s doing.

Your call on whether you want to add this enhancement.

My vote is to add the enhancement. When some of my developers open a paren or tires to use autocomplete, it takes a long time…

Hi Henry

PT 47941131 has been raised for this request.

Unfortunately we wont be able to fit this into the 7.0 release, but we have scheduled it for our next release.