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Auto-completion list


After creating a new table, I can see it in the object explorer (after refreshing with F5) but the autocompletion in the editor window (Already open or a new one) doesn’t show the new table unless I close and reopen Toad

Any thoughts?


I don’t see a way to refresh the Code Complete list in Toad by a hot key or something and I created a table and refreshed the tables of the database and could see the tables but like you, it would not display in Code Complete. There needs to be a hot key that can refresh the Code Complete list.


I’ve just gotten into the habit of clicking the little refresh icon in the bottom-left of that auto-complete / toad insight box when I add a new field. Hot key would be nice I suppose - but not sure how I’d discover it – definitely cannot be F5 - but maybe something like ALT+R? If a key does get assigned to that maybe hovering over the refresh icon with your pointer could display some control tip text to show how the key is currently mapped?


Hi cwaite,

I tried this issue but my code completion can refreshing without restart toad,

Here is my step:Create a table in object explorer->Open editor->Type select ,I can see the

new table included in the list. Am I wrong in some steps?

Could you send me a vedio?



Darren - clicking the refresh button at the bottom of the screen works perfectly!