Auto Refresh Web Page Report

I created a Report and then used Automation to periodically update a web page based on the report. From the user perspective, I would like for the web page to be always open but have it periodically refresh. I have read that if I put a meta tag shown below in the html header that it will cause the page to auto refresh. However, I have not found a way to make that a part of the report. If I try to put it on the script page, it generates errors. Any ideas?

I need more details to understand your question. Could you please elaborate what kind of report you are using, what exact activity you have in automtionto to update the web page, and where you put the html header. i.e Do you use export the report to a html file and upload it to your web site?

Have created a Toad Data Report based on a query.In Automation, added activitity Toad Report. It is set to export the file in html format to a location on another server. The script is scheduled to run every 10 minutes from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. On my desktop is a shortcut to that webpage. I open the webpage and leave it up and running.

Thanks for your clarification. There’s no way to make such a header in report. However you can add a “Find and Replace” activity to add the tag after you export the html file.
Hope this works for you.

I had to do the exact same thing. As I understand it, you might have a user parked on your web page report. You want them to automatically refresh periodically. It turns out this is quite easy with “Find and Replace” in the Automation application.

  1. Make your Reports HTML output file named something like _ORG.html

  2. Add a Find and Replace operation just before your chosen method of sending the HTML file to your site.

  3. The find and replace syntax is pretty self explanatory:


Source File: Your HTML output file _ORG.html

Find: I use something that Data Point always has in its HTML headers:

Replace with: Click the [Value] button

Set Value:

Save file: .HTML

  1. Add a Delete File operation

Files to Delete:

NOTE: This sequence requires that both the _ORG.HTML and the .HTML do NOT exist. If Data Point Automation should fail for whatever reason, you must manually delete these files before it will run properly.

I forgot to add that the delete file operation should be done AFTER you have sent the file to your server.

AWESOME!!! Thank you very much. Perfect!!!