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Auto replace not maintaining case on Toad 12.11


I exported my auto replace (View > Toad Options > Editor > Auto Replace) shortcuts from Toad 12.10 and imported them into Toad 12.11. It works fine but it isn’t retaining the case inside the quotes. Everything inside quotes is being changed to lowercase. When I import the shortcuts, I checked and “Case Sensitive” and “Maintain Case on replace” are enabled.

for e.g. my exported file has - select ‘TEST’ from dual;

when I import it and use the shortcut on the editor in Toad 12.11, it changes to - select ‘test’ from dual;

This works fine on Toad 12.10

I try your step in 12.10, it is also -select ‘test’ from dual;

If you want to get the right result. You only need to check “Case Sensitive”. Leave “Maintain Case on replace” unchecked.

“Maintain Case on replace” will replace according to Typing content’s Case(it Mean you will get all upper case if type upper case in Editor, and get lower if you type lower).

Though, I think there has some space to improve, “Maintain Case on replace” should not working When "Replace with " has mixed case. I log a CR on this to see what Dev can do.


Thanks for the hack, Aimee. It works fine.