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Automate Error Error Registering Task REASON BLANK

I follow the automation wizard in 13.01.78 and at the end I get an error:
Error Registering Task

Reason is BLANK.
SEE screenshot

Can you give some steps that led up to the error? Also, I don't see your screen shot.

We are out this week. I am just occasionally checking messages.

utilities-->automation design and walked through.

I have a few scripts I need to run multiple times a day and need to automate.
We also have a corp account through GXO

oh, you're trying to schedule something. I don't know why you are seeing that error, but there is another way to do the same thing that may work better.

You can call Toad actions from command line like:
toad.exe -a "action name"

So another way to do this would be to manually add that command in the windows task scheduler (not through Toad).