Automation Designer Improvements


Hi, can I make some suggestions for improvements to Automation Designer to make it more usable?

  1. Have a clone / copy and paste facility for Apps. Although we can Cut / Copy / Paste "Actions", there no equivalent in the Apps treeview. I often want to clone an existing App and make a few tweaks for another process. I know I can create an App and copy Actions, but it's far more cumbersome.

  2. Add an "Enabled" checkbox against connections in Connection iterator, on by default. I often need to run an automation App for a combination of connections in the connection list, but I currently have to remove and add connections each time, it's a real pain. It would be much easier if I could toggle a subset of connections from a superset list of connections that I've added.


As a fellow user of Toad, agreeing with your suggestions that they would be useful. I'm sure Quest Dev team will take note.

Regarding your first item to conveniently clone or copy/paste at the App level, just a reminder that users can shift/control click more than one action/task in their Automation App, and then mass-paste those in a new/other app. See snap below... at least this would make it a little less cumbersome than copy/pasting each step singly...

These seem like reasonable requests. I've logged them internally.