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Automation Designer save passwaord

I am using Automation designer to run procedures and export Excel files but I have to enter 10 times password when exporting 10 excel files. How to save password in Automation designer or just enter 1 time password for running the procedure and exporting all Excel files. THZ!

Hi Oath,

You can save the password in the login window. Check the "Save Passwords" checkbox at the bottom to save it for all connections, or if you only want to save it for some of them, you can do that in the grid.

If you don't want to save any passwords, then make the connection first from the login window, then run the exports.


I just tested this and it works ok for me - only one prompt. See below. If this does not work for you, let me know if you did anything differently, and also let me know which version of Toad you are using.