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Automation Execute Script 3.6 Bug



When you click the “Link SQL File” button within" Execute Script" it clears the path of the SQL file you just selected. Also, if you were to uncheck the box after you enter the path of the SQL file it will clear the path.


When Link SQL File is unchecked, the path you entered is being used as a locator only to load file contents into the editor area. After editor area is populated, the path you entered is cleared b/c we don’t link SQL file and all we need is a script from the editor area rather than the path to the file containing the script. Having said that, path is cleared not after you select “Link SQL File” checkbox but rather after 1 sec after you finished entering text for the path.

In other words, try to think about “Link SQL File” as the flag of what you want to save with Automation script - the path to the file containing SQL script or SQL script itself. If “Link SQL File” is selected, it means you want a path so during design-time the editor area serves as an illustration only showing what script is actually in the selected file.

From the other hand, if “Link SQL File” is unselected, it means we need a script itself so during design-time editor area becomes main working area where you enter SQL script itself. Path in this case just helps you select some SQL file that you supposedly will edit in the editor area. That is why we clear the path immediately after it’s not needed.



Sorry for the confusion I use multiple versions of TDP and I use 3.2 most often. This “Link SQL File” defaults to yes in this version so I never noticed this behavior before.

Your explanation makes sense thank you for the follow up,.