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[Automation] Export Templates & Automation Variables


I’ve observed this behavior with Export Templates and Automation Variables before, and hoped it was an un-listed fix in the latest Beta (, but alas, it is not.

I cannot seem to get Automation Variables to work consistently with Export Templates, and I don’t understand why not. The Variables are defined before the Export Template action in the script, so I would think that the Export Template action should inherit the variables and use as appropriate.

Additionally, it would be nice when the option to include headers is left un-checked, if the data would start at line 1, instead of line 2, leaving a blank space in place of the header.


Are you talking about an ability to use Automation variables in Export/Import template file name+path in Export/Import activities?




Yes! :slight_smile:

It would be incredibly helpful. My automation scripts generate 300 files per week; being able to sort them into folders based on variable criteria would be a major benefit.

This works in most other areas (Select-to-File), and supposedly it’s been fixed in the Copy File activity (haven’t been able to test yet).


Okay, it’s now easier to implement with new variables. I’ve created CR106335 to track this issue.




This is done for both ImportWizardActivity and ExportWizardActivity. See the fix in the next beta.




And yes, CopyFile activity also supports using variables now - it should be available in the 1089 already.