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Automation Script - No support for scripts in beta error 0.932 to 0.1089


I updated to ToadDataPoint Beta 64bit Client to resolve some issues. The trial expired, so I updated to Now when opening one of the automation scripts created in the previous version I get the error: “This Beta release does not include support for scripts created in a previous release. Please create a new automation script”. Is there anyway to save my previous script? The automation activities were exports and an execute script which executed a SQL insert from statement between two tables in the same database.


I created a script in the new version with one dummy activity and saved it. I then copied everything after the following element from the old script to the new script and saved it. I was then able to open and execute the new script in the new version.

<ta0:DefaultDescriptionActivity ProdConnection="{x:Null}" UseProjectManager=“True” LogDir=“C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point Beta 3.3\Automation” SmtpPort=“25” Notes=“Script Attributes” Description=“Script Attributes” TestConnection="{x:Null}" EmbedSql=“False” Enabled=“True” RelativePath=“False” ScriptVersion=“2.23” Body="" LoggingLevel=“Verbose” Subject=“Automation Script Error” x:Name=“Duplicates” ProductionEmailTo="" Mode=“Test” ScriptName=“Duplicates” ContinueOnError=“continueOnError” Authentication=“Version=1,AuthenticationMethod=None”>


Automation variables were redesigned for this release and we still have some minor issues with backward compatibility. That is why we temporarily (hopefully only for the current 1089 beta) restricted opening scripts created in previous versions.

Basically, your old scripts should run in new beta without any problem, expecially if you don’t use variables. The trick you describing is one of the several that allow old script to be loaded in new beta. There is simpler solution though - just change ScriptVersion=“2.28” in old script, this will also revoke the restriction. But please be aware that some changes most probably will be done in the script so make a backup copy yourself before doing this.

Sorry for the inconvenience,



Thank you, this worked for my scripts.