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Automation - Variables with Path - Invalid Drive Error


When creating an variable with the file path, including the drive letter fails.
For example:

  1. Create Variables ExtractPath as "C:\Users\GaylenM\Desktop\ExtractLocal%EXTRACT_DIR%"
  2. Create Directory %ExtractPath%
    [ App1.Create Directory1 ] Failed validation: Invalid drive


  1. Create Variables ExtractPath as " \Users\GaylenM\Desktop\ExtractLocal%EXTRACT_DIR%"
  2. Create Directory C:%ExtractPath%
    [ App1.Create Directory1 ] Completed

I'd much rather encapsulate the drive in the variable instead of spreading it through all the lines that use the extract path. Is there an option that works?2019-03-28%2014_39_34-Toad%20for%20Oracle%20-%20%5BAutomation%20Designer%5D


You have a space after C: and before \ above. Was it like that when you tried this in Toad?


That's just a typo in the example. There is no space in the code I'm trying.


Well the automation has a lot of promise, please let me know when this part of Toad ready for prime time. It's inconsistent, unpredictable and provides poor feedback in the log. After two weeks of attempts, a batch file is providing better results.


Sorry for not getting back to you.

This forum can be helpful but it is not a replacement for support. I had a lot going on this week and this post just kind of fell through the cracks. Sorry about that. That doesn't happen with support. You can also feel free to "bump" your message to remind us. :smiley:

This is a bug in Toad. Variables aren't being processed correctly in the Create Directory action. Nor are double quotes.

It will be fixed in the next beta.

Next beta: