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Automation - variables


I added 2 execute script’ activities. Each of them has 2 predefined variables:
‘row count’ and ‘result set’. I assume, that there are not local for this
activity variables


  1. names for 2nd variables should be different from names for 1st. By default
    they are
    equal RowCount_1 and Resultset_1 for each one! [shall be …_2, _3 and so on]

  2. result variable is also visible in Activity Properties [AP]… but value
    there is empty! [until change - then values are being synchronized]

  3. when changing variable name in AP it also changes in activity input… but
    Activity input blinks for a while…

  4. I changed name several times, and all historical names are available in
    “if …condition” Activity. I can build expression on it!

  5. but row_count variables are unavailable there!

  6. There [in “if…”] shall be available information if execution of previous
    steps where completed successfully.