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Autosave option, is it existing?


When dealing with lots of scenarios or lots of “different binds values” I noticed that SQL Optimizer hang sometimes (lost connection, connection timeout) or even worse, test environment db is restarted.

In all of those cases previous testing results (which may be bigger) are lost.

So I am wondering if there is existing option, or it could be added an option to save results (based on user choice). I.e.

  • Save after completed scenario
  • Save after n executions
  • Save after n minutes (on first available moment after)
    In this case testing of bigger sessions would be highly easier.



9.2.2 has fixed bug with ANSI encoding (non UTF 8) file recognition-now is automatic

This is a good suggestion. If we can do the auto save, in further step, we may provide a “Pause/Resume” test run feature. Although it increases the risk of testing result holistic, it can be really helpfully to save the testing time.


Tony Ng