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AV after awaking from multiple laptop sleeps


Hey all,

In, I had two connections, each with an SB and Editor up. Yesterday, my Win7 Pro 64-bit laptop was in and out of my docking station a few times (putting to sleep before undocking/redocking) with no Toad issues. I needed to leave in a hurry last night, so instead of saving my SQLs, I again put my laptop to sleep and went home. Fired it up this morning in my docking station, reconnected following the Toad prompt ("…laptop has awakened from hibernation…" or something), but got an AV executing one the SQLs in the open Editor tab.

This feels similar to the recent post in the Toad (non-Beta) forum, but maybe not. I can provide the EurekaLog off-list if anyone wants the thrill of reading it.


p.s. Laptop has 16GB RAM with >8GB free when no VMs are running and I’m not sucking a whole database into Toad for our auditors.


Hey Rich. Send me the EL please.



Think I got it fixed. Give it a try next beta.


Hey John,

I can’t reproduce that AV in the new .40. Woot!

Thanks much!