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<b>How to get Code Tester working with Oracle Express</b>


Express Edition databases have a slightlydifferent install path

From the current help topic on “Installing, Upgrading, and Removing Quest Code Tester…” -

Note 3: Quest Code Tester requires access to the UTL_FILE package, which is available by default in all versions of Oracle, except for Oracle Express Edition. If you are installed this product on XE, then you will need to run the appropriate statements to grant EXECUTE authority and create a public synonym on this package.

For version 1.5, Code Tester will work out of the box on Oracle Express.


Version 1.5 is ready for beta testing now! You can follow the beta link on our Community navigation page or from the link on the Home page.


This is Only valid for the Freeware. Our 1.5. release is now available on