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Background Processes - stopping it does usually not work.

Using Toad (Freeware)

If I am trying to stop a background process, it (usually) does not work. I will have to kill toad process, then the query will be released.

Not sure if this really is a toad issue, or something have to set up in the database though.

Hello Olona,

This is an issue with the Sybase driver. The 15.X server versions seem to work ok but the driver has issues with 12.X versions. We will continue to work on fixing this issue.


Hi!! this issue is still present on the new 6.1 version of toad for SQL is there a way to disable this background process ?? it occurs every time I hover something like the store procedures, tables, functions … etc

Using Sybase 15.7 drivers and latest Toad Freeware 2.0.1 - still unable to stop background process. Any ideas?

Hello All,

Sorry to hear this problem is still occurring. I am fairly certain it does not happen with all SQL scripts so if anyone has the time to send me a small sample please do so so that I can reopen and add it to the Sybase/SAP support case.

I apologize for the inconvenience, thanks.

Hi Michael

Actually any query is un-stoppable; for example, SELECT * FROM SOMEBIGTABLE

Hello liquor123,

Thanks for the information. We are currently testing the cancel feature with the new driver to see if it resolves the issue.


I too would love for this to finally be resolved. Typically I have to open a new query window and issue a kill spid command. Unfortunately in most cases doing so causes the entire Toad app to crash. The Sybase client libs have long had the db_cancel() call, hopefully that is what Toad is using.

Is this fixed in the new 2.1 version?

Has this been fixed yet? Every time I kill a query running in the background, Toad crashes. I’m on ASE 15.0.3

Not able to get background processes to stop even when Stop All Processes option is selected from the File tab options. Toad Data Point Closing & reopening Toad isn’t always an efficient option. Fix in the works? Thank you!


We did some changes and improvements in work with processes. Do you have problem with stopping ASE command or do you have problem with some other area? Could you try it with latest beta? Thanks