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Benchmark Factory 7.0 Freeware Is Available!

We are excited to announce that we have recently posted the Benchmark Factory 7.0 Freeware and it is available for download on the Benchmark Factory community home page.

Benchmark Factory for Databases (Freeware) is a database performance and scalability testing tool for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB, Sybase ASE, MySQL and other databases using ODBC that:

  • Generates user loads against a database by replaying production workloads, running user-defined SQL scripts, or using out-of-the-box industry standard benchmarks (AS3AP, TPC-B, TPC-C, TPC-D, TPC-E, TPC-H, and Scalable Hardware).
  • Simulates concurrent users running database transactions to uncover pre-production performance bottlenecks.
  • Evaluates how database code (SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL) scales under different concurrent user loads.
  • Stress tests the database to determine the breaking point, measuring scalability and performance.
  • Compares performance test results, enabling users to compare performance and scalability between database platforms. This is necessary during database migrations (SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012, Oracle 11gR1 to Oracle 12g, etc.), database platform evaluations (Linux vs. Solaris vs. Windows), and when deploying and tuning Oracle RAC.
    When there is no trial key or registered product key for Benchmark Factory for Databases, the Freeware Mode is enabled for up to twelve months. The Freeware mode can be upgraded to the Benchmark Factory commercial version with up an unlimited number of virtual users by purchasing a licenses key and registering it in the Benchmark Factory Authorization Window. The following table provides the differences in functionality between the Freeware and Commercial versions of Benchmark Factory for Databases.

Default maximum virtual user load (without additional virtual users packs)
Virtual User Packs Available
Not available
Dell SQL Optimizer Integration
Not available
Maximum number of transactions that can be run during a load test/user scenario
Scaling factors for standard benchmarks (AS3AP, TPC-B, TPC-C, TPC-D, and Scalable Hardware)
Lowest two scaling factors for each standard benchmark.
All Available
Only default embedded repository enabled.
All repositories supported. (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA), SQLite, and MySQL)
No Dell support available.
Available at