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benchmark series from SQL trace


We are using SQL server, and have individual traces for a number of user processes (hereafter referred to as p1 through p10).
What we want to do is a goal scenario where x number of users perform all processes (potentially n times)

for example;
each user will run p1, p2 10 times, p3 16 times, and then p4 through p10 once each.

Right now, we have scenarios for each process (i.e. px), but these are designed to run in parallel in BF. is there any control flow we can add, or some layer between scenario and statement that we can group these?


It looks like what we really want is to have transactions in a goal scenario always execute in order (i.e. p1 always before p2, etc.)

This is because p2 will assume that p1 has been completed.


A goal test, which is just a mix test, will not guarantee that the order that you specify (p1 and then p2), since a mix just means that each virtual user can run any of the specified items (either transactions or user sessions) based on the weight.

There is no way currently in BMF to get the execution order you specify short of just creating a new user scenario with all the transactions required to get the order you need. So just one user scenario, let call it “MyReplay”, which would be first made up of all the transactions in P1, then all from p2, and the all from p3 repeated 16 times, etc.