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Best way to integrate Sonar to Toad for Oracle Professional


Hi All,

Trying to identify bestway to integrate sonar tool into toad to analyse existing code and packages.

There are standard quality profile setup in Sonar website across our organisation for each technology.

Finding way to use sonar tool for existing code.

Toad version: Toad for Oracle Professional

Oracle version: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production



Code Analysis does not have a direct way to integrate with Sonar Source. In the past, Sonar allowed the import of results from Toad for Oracle Code Analysis but I can not be sure. That would probably be a better question for Sonar directly. What Toad for Oracle Code Analysis does do for you is give you the ability to export the results as XML files. These were the files that Sonar used to accept as input. This can either be done manually via the Code Analysis window or done via Actions (see Code Analysis Action in the help file). If done by the Action, this can be called via Command Line and then automated using something like Windows Scheduler or Jenkins…


Thank You Gregory.

Problem here is like we have common sonar site across organisation that covers all team. So the results are displayed in site.

We have tried option to save existing pkg from Toad and Run sonar in local machine using path of quality profile available online.

That store error as html. Trying to find out better way to use sonar instead of saving pkg file locally and running sonar