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Beta 2.7 on Winser2008 - DB2 issue


I installed Beta 2.7 on my Winser2008 and performed the manual ‘migrate
settings’ process.
When I open TDA, all my connections are there, but I can’t connect to my DB2
instances. I get this error:

The following error was encountered attempting to establish the correct DB2
environment - Could not find a part of the path ‘C:Program

When I click ‘OK’, TDA just exists.



HI Tom,

From the looks of it the path where it’s searching for the IBM.Data.DB2.
9.7.1.dll is the default location and not under …\Toad for Data Analysts
Beta 2.7\SQLLIB\BIN\ netf20\specific which is where the client we distribute
with TDA should be installed.

When you first tried connecting to a DB2 database were you prompted copy your
DB2 catalog entries from an existing DB2 client? If so, did you select to copy
them from another DB2 client other than from a client installed with TDA? The
migration of the TDA connections and DB2 catalog connections are independent