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Beta 2933: Team Coding Consistency - Naming Code Collections



I would like to suggest that the naming of Code Collections within Team Coding be made consistent.

  1. On the Team Coding menu, the menu item is call “Code Control Groups”

  2. However, on the Code Control Group configuration pop-up windows, the name “Code Collections” is used.

Can the term “Code Collections” be used everywhere for consistency? This will be consistent with Toad v 12 also.

The inconsistency makes things a bit confusing especially for new users of Team Coding.

Thanks for a great tool!



Hi Cindy,

Sorry to wait long time, we will fix this problem for you in next build.

we will try to correct the caption name as same as Toad.




Hi Cindy,

This issue have been fixed, On the Team Coding menu, the menu item rename to “Code Collections”, pls wait to our next build.