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BETA Released!



I’m happy to announce you that a new Beta version has just been launched. It is a major Beta release bringing many improvements that, I’m sure, you will like.

As there are more than fifty enhancements, let me mention only some of them here. Their complete list, including detailed description, is available in the BETA Release Notes document at:


New Features and Enhancements:


  • Support for MS Access 2000/2002/2003

  • Possibility to load Oracle models from SQL script. (See the new options in the RE Wizard and the Connections dialog.)

  • Default (system) Selected OTPs and User Selected OTPs - OTPs have been divided into these two groups. (Please read more details on this issue in the section ‘BETA Download’ below.)

  • Possibility to share OTPs with other users.

  • Selection of OTPs - new Auto Check icon that selects sub-items automatically.

  • SQL Script Generation - Possibility to generate the final script by schema.

  • Improved Autolayout function - Set up a distance between tables in your ERD.

  • Option to set up synchronization of NotNull and Mandatory Parent - You can clear the Not Null checkbox of the FK attribute and the cardinality of Mandatory Parent will remain unchanged.

  • Possibility to set a primary key to attribute on tab Attributes in the Entity Properties form.

  • WordWrap option on SQL Preview dialog.

  • HTML/RTF Reports - all settings you define in the Report Wizard for particular model are saved with the model now.

  • CTRL + to zoom in and CTRL - to zoom out.

  • New Workspace Properties dialog.

  • Possibility to move caption of relationship - Just right-click the selected relationship and select Move Caption Here.

  • Possibility to align selected break points - select break points and see the new option in the Edit menu.

  • Splitter to hide Model Explorer

  • and many, many more…


Visit the Beta Version Movies section for some new movies:

Visit our Weblog for quick inside into some of the new features.


BETA Download


Important note:

In previous TDM versions, it was possible to modify Default OTPs. The new System (default) OTPs, which this Beta version brings, would overwrite your modified default OTPs. Therefore, we recommend:

  1. To back up the default OTPs you modified (particular .txo file) before you install the new Beta version

  2. Install the new Beta version.

  3. Copy the old .txo files to the user section at:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler Beta\Selected OTPs

Download the new Beta from:

Uninstall of the previous Beta version is NOT necessary. Feel free to install the new Beta version straight away.

We hope you will like the new Beta. Please check it out, test new enhancements and let us know your experience!

Do not hesitate to post your feedback in our community forum and also your comments in the Weblog.

Survey Invitation: Let us know what you think of Toad Data Modeler - take part in the customer survey at: Simply click the Customer Survey button. Thank you very much for your opinion!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Vladka & TDM Team