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Beta broke 3.7, now I can't launch or reinstall 3.7

Today I installed Beta after previously having Beta installed and working along with 3.7. Now that has been installed, I cannot launch 3.7 by clicking on the icons for 3.7, and 3.7 does not appear in my list of Windows programs. When I attempt to reinstall 3.7 using the EXE installer file, it gives me 2 choices: Uninstall Toad Data Point and continue with install, or Uninstall Toad Data Point. Neither of these choices works, because it says “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed.” I tried reinstalling the Beta but this still didn’t fix 3.7. Please help!

P.S. I have opened a ticket with Toad support, I will update this thread with the outcome

It’s OK now. The tech support engineer (Marvin) suggested I try doing the 3.7 install using the MSI installer rather than the EXE installer, and this worked (after I first renamed the old 3.7 application folder). And then I retried the Beta install and this also went fine without clobbering my 3.7.

The support engineer thinks my issues might have been caused by me installing the Beta from inside the downloaded Zip file. Before doing the latest install, I took the Beta installer out of the Zip file. (The other thing that changed is that I was on version before I had the problems, and tonight’s new 3.7 install is

Anyway, I’m back in business with both versions 3.7.1 and 3.8 Beta working OK.