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Beta 3 - Unable to Connect / Use



I used Beta 2 with Oracle 10g OCI client against an 8i database without issues…

I did the following:

  1. Uninstall Beta 2
  2. Install Beta 3
  3. Started Beta 3…

Upon trying to start a new session, I got the following repeating error in the general output tab:

8:27:24 Session Manager: GetSessionDictionary - Index out of bounds [-1]

After closing the program, The following is sent to the ClipBoard:

Application Error

Exception EOleSysError in module SQLNav6.exe at 0011A155.
Session Manager: GetSessionDictionary - Index out of bounds [-1].

The above error is repeatable and I get it ever time I try to connect to a database. Thus, I am unable to use Beta 3 at all… So I am back to using SLQ Nav 5.5 for the meantime…

Thanks for you Support!


Look at the message titled “Error with beta 3” you will find your answer there. I had the same problem. It has to do with your Oracle Client, you need a newer version.



I tracked down the post via your suggestion, but that is dealing with 9i Client…

I am using the latest and greatest 10g OCI Client - Version:…

However, after trial an error, I was able to get it to work…

I checked “Force OCI 7 for this connection” in the Options section within New Session…