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Beta Syntax Highlighting


I’ve noticed a strange highlighting behavior on the code editor window.
By some reason it paints the following characters red - a, c, i, l, r whether they are standalone or used as column names or synonims.

a.a - both a’s are red
a.b - a is red

I’ve found that this color scheme is used in Syntax Color settings for SQLPlus commands, but a query like
SELECT a.value from TableA a
should not be treated as SQL
Plus command, I think.

Also I’ve noticed that Syntax Highlighting can not be turned off in Preferences. Whether is it checked or unchecked it does not change anything.


Hi Alexey,

We’re aware of the first issue you raised. This happens due to the limitation of component that we used to parse the code. Because of the risks involved, we decided to leave it out until 6.2 goes out.

Issue #2 is a valid bug. I will raise a CR for it.

Thanks for your feedbacks,