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Beta Completion

I posted this in another thread: I also notice that code completion is utterly failing. It blips up for about 0.1 seconds, and then disappears. This makes it somewhat less than useful.

I don’t want it to get “lost in the shuffle.” Am I the only one who is experiencing this issue? Code Completion is now a momentary blip on my screen, with no possibility of selecting anything.

(Well, almost no possibility. If what you want is the top item, and you time it just perfectly, you can press Tab and get the top item to populate in. But, the timing is very tricky. It’s faster and easier to just type the item in.) (And yes, putting an entire paragraph in parentheses is considered poor form and bad grammar.) [:D]

It works for me without a problem.

I connect to SQL Server 2005.

CC selections are working for me as well. CC needs a lot of work but it is displaying the list of objects.

It has worked for me in all prior versions, it’s just this version exhibiting this behaviour. Is there some log file somewhere I can look at to get a better idea of what might causing this behaviour to manifest?

I am connecting to SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012.

Here are my Code Completion settings. I don't see anything in them that would be causing this behaviour. Do I have an incorrect setting?