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The prvious beta was So we have moved backward in numbering. Does that mean several featrues were dropped?

I’m not sure about the new look. It’s what a trade mag might call a “clean” interface, but that just means that most of the items that are needed are hidden away somewhere, where they are harder to find - not out in the open, where one click gets the job done.

The About screen has been completely redone, and now features a lily-pad hopping frog. OK. But… I would rather have cool features than an animated, fly-eating frog.

Why is the Beta page so extremely difficult to find? I had to bookmark in. It’s no longer visible on the SQL Server nav bar. Or am I the only one experiencing this?

It took me a few moments, but I was eventually able to add back in the Object Explorer and the Connection Manager. The editor toolbar buttons are now on the actual editor window tab (including, I note, code formatting). That does make the second row of toolbar buttons less necessary.

I also notice that code completion is utterly failing. It blips up for about 0.1 seconds, and then disappears. This makes it somewhat less than useful.

This does not feel like Beta 6.5.x. This feels like beta 7.0.x. I think it should be renumbered to reflect the significant and wholesale UI overhaul.

Speaking of the UI overhaul - I am holding off on critiquing it, as it is too new. I want to make sure I am past the “I don’t like change” knee-jerk reaction.

One thing I really liked about the prior versions of TOAD was how I could tell, at a glance, which connection I was using on each tab. I basically ALWAYS have multiple connections going. All of my (many) connections are uniquely color coded. This is a very important and needed feature for me. I really need to be able to glance at the tabs and immediately see which connection is which. The background coloring is good, too. Don’t remove that! But, do bring back the color coding of the tabs! Whether it’s a colored circle, a line at the top, or the whole tab (preferred option), please return that instant visual connection indicator to the tabs!

I have to backtrack from my prior post slightly. I see now that the tabs highlight in the connection color when you hover over them, and the text of the tab is in the connection color. The hover is nice (seeing the whole tab turn color), but the text is difficult to make out.

I did notice, though, that the background coloring of the editor doesn’t stay that color. It turns white. It starts out all the color of the connection (green, for instance). As soon as you start typing, though, the green disappears, and the line turns white. Everytime I press enter, I get a white line. If I don’t get a white line immediately (if the background color appears to stay green), all I have to do is pop over to a different tab, and then come back. Everywhere I have typed (every line that has a number on it), has turned to white. The green slowly disappears.

I like the big, bold checkmarks in the boxes. It makes it very easy to see them. I sometimes overlooked the checkboxes in the prior versions, as they were small and skinny. These will help to prevent those accidents. That is a positive for the new UI.

I, personally, do not care for the new Windows 8.x look. I find it flat and unappealing. I like the more 3-D look of prior versions. Clearly, you are aiming for the Win 8 look and feel here. I have to wonder what is next - MENUS IN ALL CAPS? (I HATE, DESPISE, AND LOATHE MENUS IN ALL CAPS - THEY ARE VERY HARD TO READ AND ARE ALWAYS YELLING AT ME.) (Not that I have an opinion or anything. :-p) Whatever else you do, please please please please please PLEASE don’t CAP the menus!

I’m with you on a lot of these things. You can get rid of much of that new look by just right-clicking on the “big” buttons menu bar and un-checking the Use Large Icons box. When you do that you can customize the bar and put back the things that are missing.

Color coding: I noticed that the text of the tabs that do not have the focus are in that color, and as you noticed the hover is actually highlighting the entire tab. I’m OK with that. Basically I can still tell what tabs are on which connections.


Darren said “You can get rid of much of that new look by just right-clicking on the “big” buttons menu bar and un-checking the Use Large Icons box.”

I think that was the very first thing I did after starting the Beta up!

One thing that I think needs to be kept in mind about TOAD users - we are not a non-technical bunch. The new Win 8 look served two primary purposes - to be able to be used on a low-power device like a phone or small tablet, and to be usable by very non-technical people. TOAD won’t run on a low-powered tablet or phone, and even low-end PC’s have graphics cards that are perfectly capable of handling the minimal graphics needs of a Windows UI.

TOAD users are made up of programmers, DBA’s, and DBA programmers. They are, by definition, highly technical, PC-savvy individuals. Dumbing-down the UI for techies isn’t necessarily a good thing, and can lead to making their jobs harder, not easier.

Take, for instance, the Windows Control Panel. Showing all the icons can be very intimidating and confusing for a non-technical person. Hence the click here, now click here drill-down menu path available to access items in the control panel. For a technical person, though, the icons make great sense, and make getting to the needed feature a very fast, one-click process. The dumbed-down, drill-down version slows down a technically-savvy individual, and actually makes them less productive.

Be careful with dumbing down the UI in TOAD - you may be shooting your users in the foot.

Hi J Fischer,

Thanks for your feedback, for the color of each connection tab, It really have some problme,

I have create TSS-604 for it ,We will fix it soon.

For the new UI look, we just want to give customer a simple, bright UI and put the most

frequently-used button at the nearby place, so they can easily find it.

We did moved some button, but you still can find them when you need them ,that’s our original intention. for instance, when you open edior ,the edit toolbar is still there, right?

For the big button , we are trying to improve it .

What is the most button you think should be add? Could you give me more details for the UI? We are welcome to received your request and make ToadSS better.



The buttons that I use all the time are Edit SQL, Build SQL Statements, and Create Diagram. Those are the “Quick Launch” buttons that would do me the most good. Others can weigh in on what their favorite buttons are, but I use those three very frequently.

I always have Connection Manager and Object Explorer open (as does everyone that uses TOAD here), so Create a New Connection is really worthless, and a distraction. Explore Database Object is, likewise, not so useful.

Again - Everyone that I know that uses TOAD always has Connection Manager and Object Explorer open. We are contantly switching between tables, connections, etc. Those items must be quickly and readily accessbile at all times.

Hi Fischer,

Thanks for your advice , I agree with you that Connection Manager and Object Explorer is very useful . we will create create TSS-607 for it ,about other button "Edit SQL, Build SQL Statements, and Create Diagram. " , we will discuss soon, hope they will be add .


  1.  The Beta build number is incorrect. It should have been TSS We rolled back the build numbers for the 6.6 release. The UI changes are going to be in TSS 6.5 and their purpose is to freshen up the UI so we don't look so outdated. If you notice we did NOT put in a true ribbon bar. The new 32 X 32 tool  bar is just for a cleaner look but as mentioned you can go back to 16 X 16 from the right click menu. The 16 X 16 toolbar can be customized like before. We couldn't add this to the 16 X 16 so it does have that restriction.  We did move the toolbars for each window into the window itself. I think this change is very practical and gives the toolbars the correct context. The new colors, etc are from adding three new skins. If you go to Options | General | Interface you will see three new skins: Toadblue1014, ToadGreen2014 and ToadTan 2014. These introduce things like the scroll bars you mention. You can choose any of the other skins and these will go away. Basically you can change all of these items and go back to what you had.  (All except the toolbars in the windows)
  2.  You mentioned the docked windows not being docked when you started up, That seems like a start up bug. We will look into that.
  3.  RE: “I also notice that code completion is utterly failing.  It blips up for about 0.1 seconds, and then disappears.” I found a delay when first using code completion but once the data for code completion is cached it works as normal. Can you re-check? And if still not working properly check the code completion options for the delay.
  4.  RE: Connection color coding on editor tabs is lost with new skin changes. We will look in to this as mentioned earlier but for now change the skin.
  5.  Connection button only launches New Connection and not the other dialog. I entered an issue to add a drop down to include new connection and the other connection window. Once you choose one it will remember your choice. (QAT-3431)

Sounds like we should have given a heads up on the UI change and explained some of the changes.